First Spoons

Already two months have passed since I did my little inquiry into first baby foods around the world. At the time I was a little confused by the different recommendations on when to start introducing solids and what the very first food should be. As I shared with you my search for answers, the story would […]

Chanterelle Cream Sauce with Bacon

Growing up I was not a particularly picky eater but there was one thing I really did not like: mushrooms. Yet every late summer when the golden chanterelles appeared in market stands in the nearby town my mom would cook chanterelle cream sauce and serve them with new potatoes from our garden. If me and my brothers […]

Cooking with Baby (plus recipe ideas)

Ever heard the word hangry? I’m the living definition of it. I’m generally a glass-half-full kind of person who’s calm, fairly patient and usually nice to everyone. When I’m hungry I become cranky, impatient, and – if no food makes itself apparent – I spiral into bitchy. [edited by hubby: “oh indeed!”] And trust me when I say […]