Awaiting the First Steps

Friday the 24th October was a memorable day in our household. Let me tell you why.

I was in the kitchen cooking Birdy’s lunch while the little one was playing in the hallway. We have installed a safety gate on the kitchen door to prevent her from exploring it unattended. Plus it is kind of nice to have one room in the flat that does not need to be constantly kept 100% baby-proof and spotlessly clean. Our little rascal has a talent for locating electric plugs and unsecured drawers, and swiping up any escaped dust-bunnies in the process. But I digress.

So I am in the kitchen pureeing some veggies and look over to see what Birdy is up to. To my disbelief, my little daughter, who is barely 70 centimeters tall and not yet 8 months old, has pulled herself to stand on the railings of the safety gate. She is standing there looking a little wobbly on her feet, with a happy and proud “look what I can do, mommy!” expression on her face.

Ever since Birdy has been trying out her new-found skills in the playpen, on our bed, on the drawers of the commode, in her bed while wearing a sleeping sack (unbelievably, it works), and any other remotely appropriate object.

Exciting as it is to watch out little human making quick progress towards her first steps, we quickly concluded that Birdy could use some support. You see, slippery laminate floors are not exactly the ideal environment for practicing pulling up. It would work awesomely if she was barefoot but our floors are definitely not warm enough for that. The time for non-skid socks and shoes has arrived.

And, as it happens, we already have the right thing at home.

awaiting first steps

A while ago I was contacted by the UK-based baby and toddler shoe manufacturer Daisy Roots who asked whether I would like to review a pair of their handmade leather baby shoes. I happily agreed and spent the following few hours on their webpage trying to choose THE ONE pair for Birdy. You know what? I failed. Those baby shoes are too adorable to decide on just one design. So I gave a list of three styles that hubby and I liked and left the rest up to chance.

Needless to say that I was super excited when I received these beauties in the mail: baby shoes with little foxes on them! Even hubby who is generally pretty sceptical about the necessity of shoes for babies approved.

The first time we put them on, Birdy spent a moment looking at her feet but soon got distracted by a toy and made her way towards it. While crawling from toy to toy, the shoes would catch her attention every once in a while and she would try to crawl towards them, just like a kitten chasing its tail. Although still a little big on her tiny feet, the shoes did not disturb her in the least, quite the opposite – her feet no longer slid while pulling herself up.

After having tried them out, this is what we like about the Daisy Roots baby shoes:

  • They are made from soft leather that not only feels great to the touch but is also chrome-free and dyed with vegetable-based dyes which means that Birdy can chew on them as much as she likes,
  • The soles are flexible, do not restrict her feet, and do not slip which makes pulling up, and later moving around, quite a bit easier,
  • The shoes have an elastic band instead of laces or straps, they are easy to put on but tight enough to stay put,
  • The quality of the shoes is great, inside and out,
  • Finally, to state the obvious, they are absolutely adorable.

I am pretty sure we will get ourselves another pair (or two, or three…) of Daisy Roots booties. Even including the delivery to Germany, these baby shoes do not cost more than similar ones I have seen in the stores here, and are much, much cuter.

Disclaimer: I received a complementary pair of Daisy Roots baby shoes for review purposes. All views are my own.

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