Belly Belt: the Best Invention in Pregnancy Fashion

If your first question after reading the title is: what on Earth is a belly belt?!, let me introduce you to this wonderful thing that I had not even heard about just a few months ago. I would probably have never discovered it if not for my husband’s skills of skimming the depths of the internet. Since a picture is worth a thousand words (or so someone claimed and the world is all to eager to quote), here’s what I’m talking about:


It is the perfect piece of clothing, especially for the beginning of pregnancy when maternity clothes are still too big but your normal clothes don’t want to fit anymore. Your pants are getting too tight? Use a hairband to extend the waistline of your pants (like this), pull the belly belt over it and you’re good to go. Your tops are getting too short or have started sliding up? Wear a matching color belly belt underneath and chances are no one will even notice.

Of course, there’s plenty of choices out there so a belly belt doesn’t have to be a mono-colored item that you hide under your other clothes. It can become your main accessory! They come with in different colors, prints and patterns – an endless amount of options.

I have just ordered this knitted beauty with a fleece inlay for the wintertime from Dawanda (the German version of Etsy), can’t wait to try it out!




P.S. Click on the photos if you want to see more about the belly belts. The super cute belly belt on the post cover photo can be found here.

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