Where are you from?

If you have ever left your home country, or even your home city, chances are you have encountered the question: where are you from? Depending on how far away you are from “home” and the complexity of your biography, the answer to this seemingly simple question can be anything but straightforward. Does it mean a country, a […]

How we failed at Germany’s favorite fall tradition

Around the 11th November – the St. Martin’s Day – German daycares and schools prepare for an event called Laternenlaufen or Laternenumzug, roughly translated it means walking with lanterns or lantern pageant. The little ones walk with colorful self-made lanterns and light up the wintry dark streets, parks, and even forests. It’s a beautiful tradition and, […]

Birdy Goes to Kindergarten

Read about the German way of starting a daycare, known as KITA, and the famous "Berlin model" of kindergarten adaptation

Here in Germany a baby’s first birthday marks the end of the paid parental leave and many little ones begin going to kindergarten, known as KITA (short for Kindertagesstätte – children’s day care). I should probably clarify that not everyone sends their kid off to the KITA, despite there being a law that every family who wishes to […]