Meeting the fishes

When we were first reading about Tioman we were tempted by the South of the island with its mountain peaks, cute villages, and waterfall. The only problem was: how to get there? A water taxi ride there and back would’ve cost us up to 100 EUR and day trips needed a minimum of four people […]

Jungle trekking

After two days of sleeping, eating and a whole lot of swimming we decided that it was high time for some exploration. The morning was a bit cloudy and misty – quite perfect for what we had in mind: a trek through the jungle to the other side of the Tioman Island. The jungle path […]

Island days in the sun

Let me tell you a little about Tioman. It is a small island (about 39 km long and 12 km wide) in the South China Sea, near the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Tioman is sparsely populated – there are only eight villages scattered around the island, occupying thin strips of land on the waterside. […]


Just as Kuala Lumpur is generally referred to as simply KL, its new, polished & skyscraper-filled city centre is called KLCC. The Petronas Twin Towers are the highest building around but there is no lack of other impressive constructions – from the convention centre to posh hotels and luxury apartment buildings (try googling One KL). […]

Cameron Highlands

After a couple of days of visiting relatives in Teluk Intan and Ipoh we went to Cameron Highlands – a plateau that was discovered in late 19th century by a man named Cameron sent to map out the region by the colonial government. The British started developing the region in the 1920s and the 1930s […]

First impressions

It’s hard to believe that our plane landed in KL only a little over 48h ago. So much has happened since that it feels so much longer. As a picture is worth more than a thousand words, the following will be more photos and less text. Among my first impressions was the fact that the […]

Malaysian Customs and Culture

Get ready for visiting Malaysia by learning about the customs and culture of this amazing multicultural country

Our upcoming trip is going to involve quite a lot of family time and, as I have never been to an Asian country, I started wondering about cultural differences. My first idea was to ask Daniel’s mom – after all she’s been through this before, and also her first visit to Malaysia was during the […]

MedKit 101

From mosquito repellent to medicines, this is what you really need when travelling to South East Asia

I believe that I don’t need a survival kit to be prepared for the upcoming zombie or robot apocalypse (at least this time). Yet I am still what I am: a geek who won’t set out on a long travel without a medicine kit. So what do you really need to take with you when […]