My 5 Commandments for Staying Consistent as the Minority Language Parent

“Are you a drop-dead-OPOL-mom?” an acquaintance inquired when I published my last update of Birdy’s language progress. I laughed out loud and then started wondering: am I? In our family, we follow the OPOL – one parent one language – strategy (you can read all about our approach here). In this constellation, I’m the minority language […]

The Holy Grail of Parenting

There is thread of obsession creeping through advice resources for new parents, from parenting books to mommy blogs, everyone is talking about baby sleep. In the sleep deprived world of a new parent peaceful slumber takes on a whole new meaning and you would do anything to achieve the holy grail: a baby that falls asleep by […]

Help! I think someone switched my baby

Why didn’t anyone warn me about baby growth spurts? I’m not talking about the physical growth spurts that manifest themselves as more frequent eating and sleeping. I’m talking about the mental development ones that turn your happy little sunshine into the Little Miss Complain-A-Lot overnight (yes, we actually call her that). Birdy has just begun the 4th mental […]