Prenatal Care in Germany Part 3: Preparing for Birth

Welcome to the third and final part of my prenatal care in Germany mini-series! Part one was about visits at the gynaecologist’s office and part two was dedicated to midwife’s services. This post is about preparing for birth, including birth classes and choosing the place where you want to deliver your baby. Birth preparation classes If you want to […]

Prenatal Care in Germany Part 2: the Midwife

The first part of the prenatal care in Germany series covered everything related to going to the gynaecologist: appointments, ultrasounds, and tests, trimester by trimester. This part is all about the second pillar of Germany’s great prenatal care system: the midwife (aka Hebamme) who will guide you through the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth, […]

Birdy Talks: 3,5 Years

As another year rolls to a close, it is again time to take stock of our firstborn’s language progress. Growing up with three languages continues working well for Birdy and her language skills in Latvian and German – our two main family languages – are age appropriate overall. These days our 3,5-year-old aks ‘why’ a thousand […]

6 Animated Heroines I Want My Daughter to Know

Like many kids I grew up watching Disney’s animated movies. I loved the bookish Belle, the hard working Cinderella, the free-spirited Pocahontas. But my favourite was the fellow redhead Ariel who dreamed of exploring a world different than hers. Almost two decades later, there are even more animated heroines to choose from to entertain, inspire, and perhaps […]