Our Family Staycation in Hamburg

Exciting ideas for a family staycation in Hamburg, Germany

Living in Germany, May has become my favourite month of the year. And no, it’s not only because it’s when I met my husband, got married, or when our son was born. In northern Germany, May encompasses more holidays than any other month of the year. Between Labour Day, Ascension Day, and Pentecost, we have a […]

10 Fun Facts about Latvia for Kids

How much do you know about Latvia, the small country by the Baltic Sea? Learn about this fascinating little country through these 10 fun facts about Latvia and explore more through the suggested activities. 1. Latvia’s flag is one of the oldest in the world Even though the state of Latvia was only founded in 1918, […]

A Morning in Miniatur Wunderland

This Friday morning we visited my favorite museum in the whole world: the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg. The museum holds the record of world’s largest model railway, awarded to it already before it added a second level of miniature worlds. The numbers are truly mind-boggling: Miniatur Wunderland has 1040 trains, 4,110 buildings and bridges, 9,250 cars, and a whopping 260,000 figurines. […]

Enjoy Riga, Latvia like a Local

The beautiful Riga, capital of Latvia and the biggest city of the Baltic States, is still unexplored terrain for many international tourists. Founded in 1201 Riga has a rich history and, thanks to its location at the crossroads between Western Europe and Russia, it has always been a cosmopolitan city. I’m probably a little biased […]

Enjoy Hamburg, Germany like a Local

Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city and one of world’s biggest ports, is among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The people of Hamburg often call their city the most beautiful in the world. One may or may not agree with this bold claim but one thing is clear: this is a city where everyone is […]

A Day in Atlanta

We spent most of our trip to the US in and around the city of Augusta where our friends live. But, as we were flying in and out Atlanta we wanted to use the chance to see a little of the city that’s the capital of Georgia. Our flight back to Germany was on Wednesday evening and the […]

Exploring Augusta, Georgia

It’s been a tough fortnight in our house – first Birdy came down with obstructive bronchitis that left her cranky and immobile for several days, then hubby and I caught the virus as well. Long story short, two weeks, a pile of empty medicine bottles, and mountains of used tissues later, the other two family members have recovered while […]

Birdy Flies Transatlantic

One morning early December found our little household in a flurry of activity. As we finally hauled our two large suitcases down the stairs to the taxi waiting by the door, strapped Birdy in her car seat, and made ourselves comfortable for the ride to the airport, we were both excited and a little anxious. Excited because […]