The Duvet Conundrum

Do you sleep under a duvet? And, assuming that the answer is yes, have you ever thought of this habit as an acquired skill? Yep, me neither. Until recently. From the day we brought a few days old Birdy home from the hospital, she was sleeping in sleeping bags. After all, blankets for babies were […]

Birdy Talks: 25 Months

It’s high time for another update on Birdy’s language progress. In the three months since I last wrote about her language skills she has made a lot of language progress and is very clearly disproving any myths about multilingualism causing speech delay. Even more, she’s already pretty great at translating between German and Latvian! Overall language progress After a […]

Language Learning by Playing

When Rita Rosenback from the blog Multilingual Parenting asked other bloggers to share their best tips for motivating children to speak the minority language for the upcoming round of the Raising Multilingual Children blogging carnival my first reply was quite straightforward: playing! Let me explain why. Since my youth NGO days I’m a firm believer in learning by doing. As […]

Celebrating Two Years

A few days ago we celebrated Birdy’s second birthday. In these past two years our tiny baby has grown into an independent and cheerful little human whose favorite words are “by myself” and “mine”. She loves books, Lego Duplo, and puzzles and, when she doesn’t chatter in a mix of three languages, she sings songs in one […]

Birdy Flies Transatlantic

One morning early December found our little household in a flurry of activity. As we finally hauled our two large suitcases down the stairs to the taxi waiting by the door, strapped Birdy in her car seat, and made ourselves comfortable for the ride to the airport, we were both excited and a little anxious. Excited because […]