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Celebrating Two Years

A few days ago we celebrated Birdy’s second birthday.

In these past two years our tiny baby has grown into an independent and cheerful little human whose favorite words are “by myself” and “mine”. She loves books, Lego Duplo, and puzzles and, when she doesn’t chatter in a mix of three languages, she sings songs in one of them.

Her birthday was a lot of fun. In the morning I sent her off to daycare with enough muffins to feed a small army of toddlers and their caretakers. We had planned a small celebration with family and friends in the evening complete with balloon decorations and a freshly baked carrot cake.

Birdy enjoyed playing with her guests so much that she barely ate and, when the last of the visitors were leaving, she grabbed her jacket and wanted to go with them. She still sings the happy birthday song, and talks about birthday, cake, and guests. And the mouse soft toy that she got as a gift has not left her side ever since.

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