Prenatal Care in Germany Part 3: Preparing for Birth

Welcome to the third and final part of my prenatal care in Germany mini-series! Part one was about visits at the gynaecologist’s office and part two was dedicated to midwife’s services. This post is about preparing for birth, including birth classes and choosing the place where you want to deliver your baby. Birth preparation classes If you want to […]

Prenatal Care in Germany Part 2: the Midwife

The first part of the prenatal care in Germany series covered everything related to going to the gynaecologist: appointments, ultrasounds, and tests, trimester by trimester. This part is all about the second pillar of Germany’s great prenatal care system: the midwife (aka Hebamme) who will guide you through the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth, […]

Daddy Tuesdays

These days on Tuesday evenings around 17.45. I usually find myself pacing the hallway, my shoes and jacket already on, ready to leave on a moment’s notice. Sometime between 17.45. and 17.50. hubby walks through the apartment door, I kiss him a quick hello and swiftly disappear down the stairs. Birdy is left playing in the living […]