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Nesting Time

I have a confession to make, there’s some pretty big news that I haven’t shared with you guys yet.

Birdy is getting a baby brother soon!

As of today I’m officially full term so the little one is allowed to arrive anytime in the next few weeks. We have nicknamed him Bamm-Bamm as he loves to kick up a storm in my belly. He’s been moving so much that it’s been clearly visible just from looking at my belly already since the 5th month of pregnancy!

While we wait for the newest family member to arrive, our household has gone into full-blown nesting mode. While for me nesting has largely manifested itself in washing baby clothes and a whole lot of resorting, hubby is thinking bigger: he has already partially rebuilt our kitchen and is now redoing our little storage room.

The baby bed and the playpen are already built up, Birdy’s room has been reorganized to fit all the toys that we had to move over from the living room, and even documents for the birth certificate have been prepared. Now all we have to do is wait and, probably, finally pack that hospital bag!


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