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A Son, a Porter, a Listener…

I have to admit that I was so afraid of travelling with my dad again that I would have preferred to put him on a different plane. For me he was always a bit difficult (or I was just always rebellious). As a result, all these years my father and I have been best together in small dosages.

I believe that on this trip I just gave up and obeyed and followed as much as possible. My wife was saying that I acted more patiently with my father than usual. I guess I must have learned something over the years.

This won’t make me stop to make some small remakes on the typical Asian father logic that I accepted with endless patience and serenity throughout the travel. Just some examples:

  • Having a hand luggage heavier than mine and Ilze’s hand luggage taken together and putting it a bag that’s hard to transport (i.e. no wheels) I will never understand… especially since I had to carry it the whole time
  • His interpretation of custom regulations in the style of interpreting what the Prohibition meant in the 1920s USA
  • Sending me to get him beverages instead of calling for a professional stewardess

In the end I enjoyed travelling with my father and it actually was nicer than I expected.

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