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Christmas Time in Latvia

Happy New Year, my dear readers!

We are back in Hamburg since the 31st December and we are slowly, albeit not too willingly, returning to our everyday routines. Our little family had a lovely time in Latvia. Although we did not manage to meet everyone that we would have liked to meet up with, we had a calm and relaxing holiday.

Here are some impressions from our two weeks in Latvia.

Travelling with baby is really not that bad. Well, as long as the baby is as patient as our sweet-tempered daughter. On our 6-hour trip home (car – plane – tram – train – metro – bus) she only begun to complain loudly for the last 10 minutes of the train ride.

The wrapping of Christmas gifts is more interesting than the gifts themselves, at least if you are a 9-month-old.

Also, according to the logic of a 9-month-old, Christmas trees and vacuum robots are something to be vary of, whereas hissing cats are awesome and should be chased.

There is something magical to waking up on Christmas Day, opening the blinds and realizing that the earth is covered with a layer of beautiful white snow.

Having a day-long birthday celebration is pretty awesome. Guests dropping by at various times of the day means that you can spend time with friends and family in smaller groups and get not one, not two, but three (!) birthday cakes.

When travelling for Christmas, you should always, always book more luggage for the return trip. Five kilograms more is the absolute minimum.

If you want your baby to sleep through the New Year’s fireworks just make sure that the little one is properly tired. For example, by dragging said baby around for half the day in multiple modes of transportation across two countries.

There is something beautiful to toasting a glass of sparkling wine at midnight of the New Year’s Eve while snuggled under a blanket, eating chocolate truffles, and watching the fireworks outside your window.

It will be difficult to adjust to spending days alone with Birdy after two weeks of having several live-in babysitters, each of them happy to play with her and to take care of her any time of the day.

Bird food
A Christmas meal for the birds

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