10 Signs You’ve Become a Parent

As all new parents soon realize sooner or later, having a baby means that your life will never be the same. Here’s our top ten of the new skills gained in the last 3 months.


1. You no longer care about being peed, pood, drooled or threw up on.

2. You perceive four undisturbed hours of sleep as a lot. Six hours of sleep is a luxury.

3. You have mastered the art of making up random songs about absolutely everything but you can’t recall the exact lyrics just a day later.

4. Picking someone else’s nose is now an acceptable behavior for you.

5. You know at least 5 ways of alleviating tummy aches.

6. You now consider poo as a completely normal subject of conversation over a meal.

7. You are proficient at eating while babywearing aside from the occasional crumble or drop.

8. If necessary, you can even use the bathroom while babywearing.

9. You can no longer remember what you did with those countless hours of free time that you had before the baby arrived.

10. Despite times of sleep deprivation, tiredness and a load of new cares, you are happy. Well, for the most part anyway.


Anything you’d like to add, dear reader? Please share in the comments below!

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