A Family of Four

Those of you who follow Let the Journey Begin on Facebook have probably already heard the news: in the early hours of Whit Monday our family was joined by an adorable little baby boy!

Bamm-Bamm and I returned home from the hospital a week ago, and we are all now busy getting used to life as a family of four. New routines are slowly emerging but will soon change as visitors are about to arrive next week.

So far the little guy sleeps a lot, allowing us parents to ease into the new life slowly and pay enough attention to his big sister. He also eats a lot, making me particularly happy by reaching his birth weight already on his fourth day.

Expect a few slow weeks (or months) here on the blog as we adjust to life with a toddler and a baby. But I do have some posts lined up for you and you will soon hear about Birdy’s language progress, the story of Bamm-Bamm’s birth, and a few exciting projects that I’m taking part in this summer.

Stay tuned!

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