A good dissertation is a done dissertation

Our baby is due in just under a month but this week I finished baking a baby of another kind: my doctoral dissertation. Over 4 years in the making it definitely took much more time and personal effort than the flesh-and-blood baby. And heavier too! By the time I was done with printing it out in the seven required copies (plus one more for me) I had a pile of almost 2000 pages.

I had imagined that submitting will feel like a celebration and a great achievement. Yet by the time I was done with commuting to Bremen on two consecutive days, printing & copying, dragging the pile of paper to the copy shop to have it bound and back the next day to finally submit it, all I felt was exhaustion. Normally this occasion would’ve called for a glass of wine (or two, or three…) but as it’s not an option at the moment I made do with tea & truffles and nice long bath.

And you know what felt better than submitting? That how moved my husband was when he read his name in the acknowledgements.


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