Top 5 Posts of 2015

Once a year comes to an end it’s always fun to look back and see which posts have attracted the most attention. Scroll down for a countdown of the best posts of 2015 from Let the Journey Begin!

The Best Posts of 2015

#5 – A walk around Hamburg Altona, Germany

I wrote this post for the awesome Show Me Your Neighborhood Around the World series. It’s a walk around our district in Hamburg with plenty of photos of houses, parks, markets, and more. Just looking at the pictures makes me a little nostalgic for summertime.

#4 – Is Bilingual Better? A Look at the Research

In this post I let the scientist side of me come out to play. I tried to make sense of the conflicting information about the potential benefits that being multilingual has for our brains. I focused specifically on studies about babies and young children and found that there indeed might be some perks of being exposed to several languages from a young age.

#3 – Read Around the World Summer Series – a Book from Germany

In the summer  I was participating in a fun event called Read Around the World and presented an incredibly cute German book for toddlers called Die Eule mit der Beule. It’s a story about a little owl who has her bumped her head and all the animals who try to help her to feel better. This wonderful little book has been among Birdy’s favorites ever since she first saw it.

#2 – Multilingual Resources

This is a post I wrote for the Raising Multilingual Children Blogging Carnival. It’s a collection of various multilingual resources for kids, both printed and digital, as well as valuable suggestions for implementing them. Great for any parent who’s raising their kids with more than one language!

#1 – Answers to the 5 Most Common Questions about the Latvian Language

Written to mark UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day this post answers the most frequent questions me and my Latvian friends and acquaintances encounter while being abroad or when talking to foreigners. A little spoiler alert: yes, we do have our own language, and no, it’s not similar to Russian.


Honorable mention – 5 Things I Learned at Baby Class

This post almost made it into the top 5 and I like it a lot so I’m including it anyway. It’s part one of my Baby’s 1st Year German Style mini-series and covers the best things I learned while attending Germany’s most popular mom and baby class. The best posts of 2015

Before I wrap this up, here are a few best posts from 2014 that have continued to do exceptionally well over time:

  1. Baby Passport Photo in 5 Easy Steps – the most popular post on this blog for the second year running
  2. 7 German Habits that I Cannot Understand – for some reason three times more popular than it’s sibling post about the German habits that I have adopted. I wonder why…
  3. Introducing Solids: First Baby Foods Across the Globe – one of my personal favorites to date


Thank you for coming back, dear readers. I am looking forward to seeing you again in 2016!

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