Top 5 Posts of 2016

As per tradition, a new year shall be started by a look back at the year before. In this spirit, let me present to you the best posts of 2016 from Let the Journey Begin!

The Best Posts of 2016

#5 Pīrāgi – A Taste of Latvian Christmas

Before Christmas, I wrote about Latvian traditions and shared the recipe of a dish that is on every Latvian’s table on the 24th December.

#4 German Pediatricians and the Common Cold

As I have learned over the past two years, German doctors have a quite unique approach towards dealing with colds. These are some of my observations.

#3 Enjoy Hamburg, Germany like a Local

This is a guest post for the website Economical Excursionists about the cool things in Hamburg off the beaten tourist track. Things that the locals actually do when a sunny weekend rolls around.

#2 Newborn Rituals around the World 

Inspired by the arrival of our son, this is a roundup of rituals for welcoming a new baby across the planet. Some are adorable, some a little strange, and some are downright crazy.

#1 Debesmanna: the Best Latvian Childhood Dessert

When I had a craving for a dessert from my childhood and later wrote it up for the blog, little did I know that it will become an instant hit with the American Latvian community. Apparently, debesmanna really is THE childhood dessert for many Latvians.

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Honorable mention – The Best Thing about Postpartum Care in Germany 

This post should probably be named “the ode to German midwives”. My very subjective opinion about the German postpartum care and all the services a midwife provides in the 8 postpartum weeks.


Finally, I have some exciting news to share with you!

The next couple of months the blog will be a little more quiet than usual. I will be busy writing lots of fun posts about Hamburg over at The Culture Trip. Please stop by!

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