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Cool Products for Kids Made in Latvia

Have you ever heard of Latvia as a top producer of great quality children’s items? No? Then it’s high time to correct that as the small Baltic country has a lot of innovative companies creating awesome stuff for kids.

From unique toys to beautiful clothes, here’s a selection of some of my favourite products for kids made in Latvia. Most of these companies deliver internationally.

GIGI building blocks

Currently, the number one toy at our house is the cardboard blocks from GIGI Bloks. Made from recyclable, light yet sturdy cardboard these giant blocks are as perfect for a kid’s imagination as they are for developing their motor skills. The blocks can be bought in two sizes and allow to build everything from forts and play stores to fantastic animals and cardboard forests. Some of the sets come with stencils and pens to decorate the amazing constructions. I was excited to discover GIGI Bloks on the German Amazon with free delivery through Prime and swiftly ordered us an extra set.

Find out more: http://www.gigibloks.com/

Eco wood toys

Almost half of Latvia is covered in forests and wood products top the export list. Thus it’s not surprising that the Latvians are great at making wooden toys. In the last decade several small, family companies have emerged making high quality ecological wooden toys. They are affordable, beautiful, durable, and the colours are always perfectly safe to chew on. The range of products includes everything from building blocks and cars to puzzles and intellectual games. I’m always excited to find these Latvian toys abroad, for example in the German eco-toy online store Echtkind.

Find out more: Eco Toys Latvia, Bruno ToysLotes Toys, and Domiņa

Tiny Bunny Kids clothes

Behind this beautiful new label for kids is a team of just three people. The clothes are great quality, made from natural fabrics, and the designs stand out among the children’s clothes offered by big chain stores. Recently Tiny Bunny also added a limited collection of clothes for moms. Gorgeous!

Find out more: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TinyBunnyKids

Wood balance bikes

There’s no need for a bicycle with stabilizers if you start your toddler on a balance bike. And two Latvian companies – Brum Brum and Dip Dap – offer excellent bikes perfect for learning. The Dip Dap is lightweight and strong, and perfect for developing balance and coordination. The original design of the Brum Brum bike not only looks great but also makes it adjustable to suit ages 2 to 6.

Find out more: Brum Brum, Dip Dap

Mīlu Mammu crocheted toys

This company, translated as “love mommy” sells lovely crocheted toys. A true gem are their crocheted fruit and veggies – colourful apples, carrots with removable tops, bananas that can be peeled, and sandwiches and muffins cute enough to eat. I’m also in love with the adorable little owls.

Find out more: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LoveMommyToys

IGLU soft blocks

The innovative IGLU produces superb soft blocks for every purpose and every age – there are ones for helping a baby to learn to crawl, and ones for building to help older kids practice their motor skills. Blocks that function as a rocking horse, and blocks that function as intelligence games. There’s even ball pits of all sizes and playsets to make a home gym.

Find out more: http://iglu.lv

Shammies short films

The Shammies and their friend Mr. Cat came to life in 2010 in animation films by the Atom Art studio. Since then the four friends – Sockie, Mitten, Pillow, and Hanky – have been featured in several short films, web episodes, books, and music CDs. Made especially for pre-school kids, the Shammies are absolutely charming and are just as fun to watch (and read) for adults. Shammies films have participated in over 70 festivals around the world, winning a few awards along the way. Check them out in the video below!

Find out more: http://www.theshammies.com/

I hope you enjoyed this list of cool products for kids made in Latvia!

Do you know more? Please share in the comments!

products for kids made in Latvia
Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

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