Language Learning by Playing

When Rita Rosenback from the blog Multilingual Parenting asked other bloggers to share their best tips for motivating children to speak the minority language for the upcoming round of the Raising Multilingual Children blogging carnival my first reply was quite straightforward: playing! Let me explain why. Since my youth NGO days I’m a firm believer in learning by doing. As […]

Multilingual Resources – Multilingual Blogging Carnival March 2015

I have the honor to be hosting the March 2015 edition of the Raising Multilingual Children Blogging Carnival. This month’s topic is multilingual resources – I wanted to hear from other bloggers about the various materials that they use for supporting their family languages. I must say that I was a little overwhelmed by the response – I […]

Answers to the 5 Most Common Questions about the Latvian Language

Every year on the 21st of February UNESCO celebrates the International Mother Language Day to mark the richness and diversity of the thousands of languages spoken across the globe. As someone whose mother tongue is shared by roughly 2 million people in the whole wide world, I often encounter questions about the Latvian language. I asked my Latvian […]

Is Bilingual Better? A Look at the Research

Long gone are the days when parents were cautioned against raising their children multilingually as it was believed to hinder academic and intellectual development. Quite the opposite: talk of the cognitive benefits of speaking multiple languages – often referred to as the “bilingual advantage” – is currently in fashion. Headlines such as Bilingual babies benefit from learning […]