Just an Ordinary Day – Part 2

Continued from part 1… I arrive at the daycare exactly at 2 pm and find my daughter on the playground. She’s barefoot, covered in sunscreen and sand, and having the time of her life playing in the mud kitchen. Her group teacher tells me that Birdy decided that she doesn’t want to nap today. Apparently, after… Read More »

Just an Ordinary Day – Part 1

I am woken up by the sound of little bare feet on the floor. Dip dap dap and the owner of those two tiny feet is climbing on the bed and, in her effort to find me, almost steps on her brother who’s left sleeping next to me after his 5 am mealtime. I pull her under… Read More »

Newborn Rituals around the World 

The arrival of a new baby is always something special and a reason to celebrate. Most cultures around the world have special rituals to welcome the newborn into the family and the community, and to ensure them the best possible start in life. Here is a selection of some of the most interesting newborn rituals from across… Read More »

The Worst Parents in the World

Dear son, I wonder if you will ever realize how different your first months on this earth are from your sister’s early days. We no longer try to do everything by the book. We don’t wash and disinfect every toy before giving it to you. You get wet wipes instead of clean water, and get plopped down… Read More »

The Easiest Sourdough Bread You’ll Ever Bake

For over a year now I’ve been baking bread at least once a week and, as a result, we barely ever buy bread in the store these days. The sourdough bread is amazing: it doesn’t require kneading so it’s incredibly easy to make, you know for certain what’s in it, and it tastes so much… Read More »

Read Around the World Summer Series – a Book from Latvia

This summer I’m again participating in a fun event called Read Around the World. Already for the third year in a row, throughout the summer bloggers from all corners of the world are sharing their favorite children’s books. If you want to know more about the series check out our Pinterest board and follow the Multicultural Kids Blog… Read More »

The Best Thing about Postpartum Care in Germany 

I’ve written a whole series about prenatal care in Germany on this blog but haven’t said a single thing about postpartum care. I’d say it is high time to correct that! Two years ago, when Birdy was still in my belly, in the post about the various tasks that midwives do here in Germany I… Read More »

Explore Wild Nature in Latvia

At the first glance the small country of Latvia by the Baltic Sea may not sound like the most exciting destination for those interested in spending some time in the wild nature. Latvia is a flat country whose highest peak is around the height of the Eiffel tower in Paris, almost half of its territory is covered… Read More »

Debesmanna: the Best Latvian Childhood Dessert

Do you ever feel cravings for childhood foods, made just the way your mom or your granny used to? The summer heat wave suddenly made me crave one of my favorite childhood desserts, one I hadn’t eaten for almost a decade and certainly had never cooked myself: debesmanna. Translated literally, the name of this simple… Read More »

Summer Sports in Latvia

With the European Football Championship officially over (go France! ahem, Portugal) it’s time to prepare for the Olympics. I’m joining other bloggers from the Multicultural Kid Blogs in a new series – Olympics for Kids (scroll to the bottom of this post for more info). The way we see it, the Olympics are a great time… Read More »