Birdy Talks: 25 Months

It’s high time for another update on Birdy’s language progress. In the three months since I last wrote about her language skills she has made a lot of language progress and is very clearly disproving any myths about multilingualism causing speech delay. Even more, she’s already pretty great at translating between German and Latvian! Overall language progress After a… Read More »

A Family of Four

Those of you who follow Let the Journey Begin on Facebook have probably already heard the news: in the early hours of Whit Monday our family was joined by an adorable little baby boy! Bamm-Bamm and I returned home from the hospital a week ago, and we are all now busy getting used to life as… Read More »

Preparing for Birth the Second Time Around

Two years after the arrival of our firstborn I am again preparing for birth. At least, as much as you can prepare for something as unpredictable as labor and childbirth. Round 1: choosing the predictable The first time around things certainly didn’t go according to my initial expectations and we ended up “ordering a baby” (you can read… Read More »

Enjoy Riga, Latvia like a Local

The beautiful Riga, capital of Latvia and the biggest city of the Baltic States, is still unexplored terrain for many international tourists. Founded in 1201 Riga has a rich history and, thanks to its location at the crossroads between Western Europe and Russia, it has always been a cosmopolitan city. I’m probably a little biased… Read More »

Nesting Time

I have a confession to make, there’s some pretty big news that I haven’t shared with you guys yet. Birdy is getting a baby brother soon! As of today I’m officially full term so the little one is allowed to arrive anytime in the next few weeks. We have nicknamed him Bamm-Bamm as he loves to… Read More »

Language Learning by Playing

When Rita Rosenback from the blog Multilingual Parenting asked other bloggers to share their best tips for motivating children to speak the minority language for the upcoming round of the Raising Multilingual Children blogging carnival my first reply was quite straightforward: playing! Let me explain why. Since my youth NGO days I’m a firm believer in learning by doing. As… Read More »

Where are you from?

If you have ever left your home country, or even your home city, chances are you have encountered the question: where are you from? Depending on how far away you are from “home” and the complexity of your biography, the answer to this seemingly simple question can be anything but straightforward. Does it mean a country, a… Read More »

Enjoy Hamburg, Germany like a Local

Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city and one of world’s biggest ports, is among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The people of Hamburg often call their city the most beautiful in the world. One may or may not agree with this bold claim but one thing is clear: this is a city where everyone is… Read More »