Forks in the Road

Eight years ago I was sitting and trying to make a decision about spending the first weekend of May. Should I go to a friend’s 30th birthday party in Berlin? Or should I go to Kiel to attend the wedding of another friend? It really wasn’t easy to decide as I wanted to be in […]

6 Animated Heroines I Want My Daughter to Know

Like many kids I grew up watching Disney’s animated movies. I loved the bookish Belle, the hard working Cinderella, the free-spirited Pocahontas. But my favourite was the fellow redhead Ariel who dreamed of exploring a world different than hers. Almost two decades later, there are even more animated heroines to choose from to entertain, inspire, and perhaps […]

An Unexpected Writing Gig

Just before Christmas I received an interesting offer. It was from the popular travel media startup The Culture Trip asking if I’d be interested in a writing gig. Basically, I’d need to write some fun travel and culture themed articles about Hamburg. I’m now around halftime of my contract and I certainly don’t regret saying yes to the […]

Top 5 Posts of 2016

As per tradition, a new year shall be started by a look back at the year before. In this spirit, let me present to you the best posts from Let the Journey Begin in 2016! The Best Posts of 2016 #5 Pīrāgi – A Taste of Latvian Christmas Before Christmas, I wrote about Latvian traditions and shared […]